TDN serving up some community spirit with YMCA Derbyshire

The Derbyshire Network, in collaboration with local mental health charity Head High, and YMCA Derbyshire will be offering meals for no charge at the London Road Campus, Derby on Friday 23rd March

Launched in October 2017, these Meals offer a rare opportunity for individuals, families, community groups and businesses to come together, and get to know one another whilst enjoying delicious dishes prepared by YMCA Derbyshire residents, learners and staff, or guest chefs.

The Meals have been a huge success so far, with up to 80 people attending the events. The simple act of bringing together individuals from all walks of life, regardless of beliefs or means, is a powerful one. Indeed, at one Meal, a local lady who had walked past the YMCA Campus for more than four years and had always been intrigued to have a coffee in the Café, saw a flyer, took the brave step to come by herself, and said it was one of the best decisions she had taken.

Michelle Hill, CEO of The Derbyshire Network, said: “When we heard about this initiative our staff were immediately keen to get involved. We have had people volunteering to serve food, cook meals or even just be around on the day to help out. Organisations are very similar to communities in that the closer you are the better you work together and by helping out on Friday we hope this bring the local community a little closer together.”