Message from the Commission for Countering Extremism

The independent Commission for Countering Extremism has today launched a public Call for Evidence to build evidence on all forms of extremism and to examine our current responses to it.

The Commission was set up by the government after the series of attacks last year, and today’s Call for Evidence is one part of our first-of-its-kind study into extremism, to be published in spring 2019, that aims to improve understanding of extremism and its impact on individuals, communities and wider society.

You have unique insights on the impact of extremism on young people. We want to make sure that you have your say on whether and how you see extremism in your work, how much of an issue it is in your area, as well as your views on the Government’s definition of extremism. As part of understanding how government should strengthen its response to extremism, we’re keen to hear examples of what works in stopping it becoming an issue and challenging it when it does.

Please find the Call for Evidence here. Part one is a 10 minute survey, and part two allows space for more detailed evidence- do feel free to skip through that to the end if it doesn’t apply to you. More information here.