Existing Employers

SME Employer at Work Our Skills Funding Agency Contract

As well as signposting employers to training companies in our network; TDN also receives funding from the Skills Funding Agency (SFA) to deliver Apprenticeships and other work-based training. This funding is then subcontracted to training companies to teach and assess your staff, whilst we monitor the quality, consistency and funding criteria in the background.

If you are working with one of our subcontractors through our SFA contract, you should have received a letter introducing you to our organisation and explaining what we expect from the training company you’re working with, as well as a plastic card with our contact details on. If you have misplaced that letter or need further information, then download our Employer Handbook or get in touch.

Commitment to Employers

Employer Survey

We want to make sure that, as an employer, you and the learner are receiving the best possible service from our subcontractors and they are meeting the requirements expected of them. As well as monitoring procedures and deadlines through data reports and audits directly with the subcontractor, we also want your honest opinion: so please complete our employer survey to help us form a rounded picture of delivery.

Our Quality Team may also be in touch with you and your learners as they gather feedback throughout the year – allowing us to make improvements and share good practice amongst the subcontractors. If at any time you’d like to bring our attention to a negative issue regarding the training service you are receiving, please follow the TDN Complaints Procedure.

Our Employer Charter

Our service is built upon the values of Quality, Achievement and Partnerships. All our staff are committed to these values and we regularly seek feedback from our learners and partners to support our aim in providing high quality training solutions that can make a real difference to your business.

What you can expect from our sub-contractors

  • High quality training delivered by qualified trainers and assessors with professional experience in their subject area
  • Regular reviews and feedback to learners and their employers on progress being made on the course
  • Opportunities for learners and employers to feedback to us through questionnaires, surveys and evaluations

Tiling ApprenticeEmployer Responsibilities

It’s important to remember that a learner that is training in the workplace should not be expected to be the finished article. They need support whilst they are training and learning the role they are assigned to do. As such, we ask that employers:

- Support employees throughout the duration of the training, including time off for study, exams, etc.

- Encourage employees to commit fully to the training on offer and provide assessment opportunities where appropriate

- Encourage employees to inform the training company of any learning difficulty or disability they may have so that they can put in place appropriate additional support

- Comply with relevant health and safety legislation

More Information

Please read the existing learners page for details on our commitment to their learning. If you’d like to share good news, photos or supply a quote – please complete our contact form.