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Welcome to The Derbyshire Network

The Derbyshire Network is a not-for-profit membership organisation we work with employers, colleges and training providers, across the East Midlands, Sheffield City Region and further afield to share knowledge and expertise to drive up standards of training to the benefit of all.

The Derbyshire Network provides training, CPD and strategic support and works collaboratively with our members and provides training directly and through our sub-contractors.

Are you an employer?

Whether it is a team or an entire workforce, having a complete understanding of where the skills are and where the gaps lie is essential. We’ll help you take a close look at what skills are vital for the business or team to function, and what are desirable to have. We will help you carry out a skills audit and develop a training needs analysis and put a development plan in place to fill the gaps, by upskilling existing staff and advising recruitment if required.

Training typically conjures up images of classrooms and days out of the office. While this approach continues to play an important role in learning some kinds of information and skills, there is a much wider range of options available to employers. E-learning packages, CPD and Work based training we will work with you to establish the most appropriate forms of teaching for them to best learn those skills, to suit your needs and your budget.

Ensuring that learning and development is a central part of employees' experience helps not only attract and retain workers, but helps boost productivity and ensures your organisation stays on top of the way business is changing. Up-skilling doesn't have to mean big training budgets and away days, but rather developing a culture of learning in the workplace that embrace a range of ways that staff can improve and hone their skills. Working with us ensures you have access to not only our funding for training, training and expertise but also our sub-contractors and members, ensuring a one stop shop to meet all of your requirements.

Interested in learning new skills?

Looking at a change of career or to progress within the workplace? Have you been made redundant or unemployed and need help to make the next step into a new role? There is lots of options available to ensure you get the right training without the need to break the bank, there is access to fully funding courses for those who are unemployed or you can take out an advance learner loan ensuring you can take the training now and pay back later once you are earning over £22,000. Or Commercial training that you can pay as you learn.

Training Provider?

Are you an independent training provider, college, employer or third sector organisation that delivers work-based learning? We are the biggest training network in the East Midlands and can provide strategic support, have fantastic Continuous Professional Development courses for your staff, and the chance to share best practice to constantly improve the standard of training in the region. See our training provider section for more details.

Can’t find what you’re looking for?

If you can’t find the information you need on our website, please complete our contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible to answer your query or alternatively call us on 01773 744081.


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